Heather Gorham
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I’ve always made things. As a kid I would spend hours digging in the ground making an army of bizarre, little clay and stick figures. Three-legged dogs and winged monkeys, my creations were always a little sad, a little misshapen. My own troop of misfits set in the sun to dry. They were my inner workings made outward. In my work I try to take feelings and give them form, create a world that feels comfortable and real to me. My work revolves around the tangible interpretation of the everyday. A dreamy window into our own experiences and a compulsion to make those settled things, we all experience, strange. I use, interchangeably, human and animal imagery to symbolize both the best and worst parts of our human condition and our connection to our environment. Birth, death, love, loneliness, hardships and happiness, all of the inner struggles and conditions that make up life, what we all experience. Turning those things into work that includes my own personal symbols as well as universal ones to show the connectedness of us all.

Gallery Representation
Dallas, Texas: Craighead-Green Gallery 214-855-0779
Galveston Island, Texas: Buchanan Gallery 409-763-8683
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: JRB Art at the Elms 405-528-6336
Napa Valley, California: Volakis Gallery 707-945-1125
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